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3 Ways Digital Marketing Training Will Benefit Your Career

Posted on April 10, 2021

In the previous decade, the globe has changed a lot right before our eyes, as well as so have our method of doing things. One of the most prominent changes is the arrival and appearance of Digital Marketing. Thanks to the quick propagation of technological innovations as well as the adoption of digital platforms across all corners of the globe businesses of all shapes and sizes are inclining towards Digital Marketing to set their hold in the marketing globe.

No wonder why Digital Marketing Trainings are among the most trending professional certifications nowadays! As an increasing number of individuals are spending time on digital domains as well as online platforms, enterprises can no longer overlook the significance of the online presence. There are several reasons why the potential scope of Digital Marketing looks bright in India.

As of 2019, the average Internet user has a minimum of seven social media accounts, as well as nearly twenty two percent of the global population is on Facebook. Not just that, thirty percent of internet enthusiasts on social media mention brands while referring to noteworthy examples in their lives.

Social media has offered the modern-day consumer freedom like never before — we can now voice our estimations, call out and reach out to brands on social media channels, get a personalized experience, and many more. In light of this situation where the consumers are becoming ever more active in virtual domains, companies that aren’t determined to make their existence known to customers are missing out on an ocean of opportunities.

Discover a Broad Range of Career Options

Perhaps the finest aspect of Digital Marketing is that it isn’t confidential to one single field. Businesses in any and every sector of the industry can influence the perks of Digital Marketing for expanding their trade. Hence, with a Digital Marketing Training at hand, you can discover job opportunities in almost every sector.

From large businesses such as Twitter, Facebook, as well as Amazon, to small startups and companies – you can discover plenty of employment outlooks in this line.

Moreover, Digital Marketing job profiles are extremely diversified, so you can prefer a profile that finest suits your inclinations and skill set.

Boost Your Market Value

According to a 2018 report – 2018 Marketing Hiring Trends – there is a growing stipulation for Digital Marketing skills. The report maintained that in 2018, sixty nine percentages of companies decided to hire more marketers in 2018, with the highest demand being in digital advertising (45%), content creation as well as curation (42%), and content strategy (39%). However, the report also states that although the high demand for Digital Marketing experts, there’s a gigantic gap between demand and supply in this field – while the demand for Digital Marketing talent stood at fifty nine percentages, the supply was at nineteen percentages.

In such circumstances, anyone who has a Digital Marketing Certification will definitely be highly valued by companies who are looking to hire. This makes commanding high salaries much simpler!

Obtain High-end Salary Packages

Since Digital Marketing Training is a rising domain and there’s a severe shortage of sufficient Digital Marketing talent, companies are equipped to provide high compensation to deserving candidates. The average wage of a fresher in Digital Marketing ranges from Rs. 1.5 – 3.5 LPA, but with experience, it can scale as high as Rs. 15 – 20 LPA and many more.

Typically, professionals having Digital Marketing Qualifications have more superior skill sets, and hence, they are in a position to demand higher salaries in exchange for providing their skills.

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