Custom-made CMS Development Service

CMS Development

Choose Algopage as your CMS website Development Company to obtain safe, scalable, and state-of-the-art CMS-enabled websites biddable with global web standards. Our broad CMS web development services employ superior technology stacks, seasoned developers, as well as finest practices to execute varying needs with finesse.

Custom CMS Solutions

Our experts concentrate in custom CMS development services for high-performance websites providing a rich functionality set. We created CMS platforms as well as applications – with editing, indexing tools, asset managers, search engines, as well as version control modules. We also custom CMS solutions with front- and back-ends development utilizing frameworks!


Open Source CMS Solutions

We fabricate the finest CMS platforms with variations to enterprise-class apps combines plug-ins for admired Content Management System platforms like Joomla, WordPress, Umbraco and Drupal. As qualified Magento partners, we focus in configuring their e-commerce for custom CMS solutions.

Enterprise CMS Solutions

Our custom Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) are all intended to develop accessible workflows. Customary web Content Management System (CMS) tasks make it simple to digitize and guide paper content, allocate user roles, collaborate with coworkers, schedule publications, as well as automate workflows. We organize admired third-party ECMS’s like Confluence, Sitecore, Microsoft, Adobe as well as DocuShare.

CMS Integration Services

We generate as well as connect APIs that facilitate your ECMS solution to communicate flawlessly with your other applications, integrating programs for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), document as well as digital asset management, along with sales and marketing automation. We too combine centralized Business Intelligence (BI) plus analytics software, enabling you to learn visitor demographics, user performance and conversions utilizing custom CMS solutions.

CMS Platforms with Built-In SEO Tools

While customary CMS’s might need untidy plug-ins to correctly handle search engine optimization (SEO), our custom systems let you to create creating search-friendly content upon installation. We program SEO tools to assist you generate ideal URLs, manage metadata, index and validate with Google, analyze performance, incorporate with social media profiles and build perfect link profiles.

Secure CMS Solutions

Making sure the veracity of your data and safeguarding beside hackers is vital, which is why we program security features like Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC), multi-factor user verification protocols, easy permissions management dashboards, as well as automated alerts to mobile device upon unlawful activities. We also incorporate observance and audit trail trackers for industry-specific requirements.

CMS Support And Maintenance

We authorize our clients by providing CMS support and maintenance solutions throughout and post deployment of the solution to ensure that you have a glitch-free and pleasant experience at all times.

Theme or else Extensions Development

Our accomplished CMS experts have years of experience providing custom themes and extension development solutions modified to match the requirements of international clients spanning a broad array of industry verticals.

With our CMS Development Services, we facilitate you to select from an array of content management systems. We offer customized features like the capability to edit and adapt, add or else delete pages, banner ads management, articles or blog or else news and other kinds of content management, site statistics, etc.

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