Web Development Reseller

With the assistance of our custom web development reseller, you can simply begin getting advantages by offering clients custom web development as well as design solutions. Boost your revenue by offering your clients an expedient, rapid and specialized custom web design and development solution. By joining our reasonable wed design reseller program, you are going to obtain huge discounts on the standard prices. It also comprises advantages like promotional services and added services without any charge. You have the freedom to charge your consumer as per your liking. Our white label web design reseller program lets you function under a brand name and provide customized services to the customers.

White Label Web Design Program Benefits

Now, you can get the most out of your profits with effortlessness. Our streamlined project management as well as professional procedure takes the sweat out of your mass web design & development outsourcing.


Our project managers will ensure that we can meet the requirements of all concerned by enquiring the correct questions and offering the finest solutions that will assist you obtain the edge over other contestants. Just point us in the correct direction, and we begin exploring.


Our user experience designers have the correct set of skills to create the right wireframing to each last detail and make sure that your vision takes form. We jump deep, mapping out the feature of your project.


We make effectual driving marketing objectives by offering the finest in modern interactive aesthetics utilizing masterpieces that jump off the screen. Our web as well as mobile designers is prepared to work with you and your team anytime.


We have the finest senior level developers with the accurate skills to make your stunning design roar to life. They will ensure that your custom applications work every bit as good as they glance.


Observing your new website go live is the most satisfying fraction of all these experience. We ensure to take care of everything for you once you offer us the green light.

Web Design Reseller Program

We support you to uphold the relationship with your clients as an Diziapp IT Solutions White label reseller. Diziapp IT Solutions can handle all of your customer support and customer service enquiries if a circumstances comes up in which a client requirements recommendation or else support, and you or your staff are incapable to provide. We can act as a manager of your business that handles all of your support requests on a bulletin support contract or per case basis.

We are providing our partners a website customized to your novel business that has years of study and development behind its formation if you at present do not have a website for your Internet business. This method translates to established success.

Closed White Label

When you select us for a closed white label partnership, we linger behind the scenes. You and your team interrelate with the clients. Your client would not know that we survive and we work on their project. Diziapp IT Solutions bill you, as well as you can bill your client.

Open White Label

Under open white label partnership, we do something as a fraction of your in-house team as well as your clients would know that we survive. You supervise the project, take care of the client communication, and direct us. We invoice you and you may bill your end customers.


You begin us to the client and we work with them straight. Our team administers the needs and scope of the project. We would pay you a referral fee depending on the scheme size.

Benefits of White Label partnership

White label partnership appears with a set of advantages for individuals, small to large enterprises. You can select the finest type of partnership model depending on your preferences.

Greater Scalability

White label services can aid you scale your offerings by adding novel products as well as services. We consider in building long term partnerships with our clients to helps business growth equally.

Improved Profitability

All the kinds of white label partnerships aid you increase your profits with no or negligible investment

Higher Client retention

When you proffer a broad range of services to the clients, you would be capable to take pleasure in a superior retention rate as they would keep coming back to you again and again for diverse services.

Greater focus on core expertise

As white label solutions need very little or no time of your own, you can center on other proficiency and deliver the finest solutions.

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