White Label PPC Reseller Program

Growing your business as well as maximizing your revenue is simple when you have facts and resources to back you up. Our PPC Resellerprogram is one of the elucidations you can utilize to add an extra profit brook to your business and increase your revenue.

Algopage’s White Label PPC Reseller program facilitates agencies and personages to sell High-Quality PPC Management services at a huge profit margin. We provide hundred percent white label PPC management services, including Google Ads Management, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Instagram Ads, as well as Amazon Ads at reasonable pricing. We offer discounts so that you can up-price and vend them to boost your profit margin.


How Does It Work?

Our procedure is very easy, and you can get started immediately. The first procedure is to sign up through our reseller program. Once you sign up, we will propel you Reseller campaign tactics. Reseller program is signed by you (Reseller Partner) and us (algopage.com) and makes sure that:

  • We will never move toward any of your clients
  • We will never share your client features to any other reseller or any third party, whatever
  • All the reports as well as pre-sales/after-sales bear will have Your (Reseller Partner’s) Branding as well as Contact Details
  • You will be Managing Sales, Customer gaining, Billing & Invoicing, plus Client Communication
  • We will take concern of Overall Fulfilment, Reports, Results, along with Technical Queries
  • All in all, we will be your fulfillment hub
  • We will offer you pre-sales training or else proposal samples
  • We will keep posted you time to time with industry updates so that you stay on top

Who are our most gainful reseller partners?

Usually, anyone who is willing to sell PPC as the major service or as an add-on service can have huge saving plus profit margin. Here are some of the partners who would make the the majority of benefit:

PPC Companies:

They resell all the PPC fulfilment, reporting, and tech maintenance to us and save dollars on structure, employees, as well as taxes while boosting their profit. Some PPC agencies outsource generally fulfilment and some outsource just fraction of it like Additional work, which can’t be handled by the in-house department, Landing Page Design, Google Ads Design, Reporting, and many more.

SEO Agencies:

Most of the SEO agencies outsource their general PPC management. This facilitates them to keep providing the service as an add-on, increase their profit bottom line, hoard them from hiring staff, and incurring supplementary costs.

Web Design/Development/ Hosting/Domain Agencies:

Web Design Agencies, Hosting Companies, as well as Domain Registrars frequently sell SEO and PPC as add on services. You can sell the PPC wrap ups as add-ons to your customers and improve your general revenue and profit margin.

IT Companies:

IT as well as Computer Support and Media an agency also takes benefit of PPC as an attach service. No additional setup or investment needed, just turn into a reseller and begin selling PPC for profit.

Offline/Print/Media Advertising Agencies:

Businesses can sell PPC Management or else Paid Search Engine Marketing as add on service and improve their overall sales and profits. No additional budget/investment or fulfillment staff is needed. Just sign up and get initiated.

PPC Freelancers/SEO Freelancers:

Frequently SEO and PPC Freelancers get besieged with added projects. You can suit our resellers and improve your profit by letting us administer overall fulfilment and report while you can center on more sales and billing.

Call Centers or Sales Team / Individual Salesman:

Own a call center or else sales team or else an Individual salesperson? We proffer enormous plans for you. Great commissions on sales plus recurring fee share each month. On every sale get huge benefit each month after. Generally, one client stays for minimum six to twelve months, so the one-time sale will get you recurring profits for six to twelve months. Hundred dollars is the minimum share which goes as much as $5000 per account. Standard call center sells around two to ten packages per day. If you are personage salesmen, you can sell add on service and we will split the first month as well as all months recurring imbursement.

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